Minute with Messaging

Your Unique Experience

This episode of “Minute with Messaging” highlights the importance of conveying the unique experience your organization delivers.

Conveying the unique experience your organization delivers to those it serves is step three of applying Essence MessagingSM to your communication strategies. The “experience factor” is an important component of distinguishing your organization from its competition.

This is particularly relevant in healthcare.  Often, healthcare organizations focus on the state-of-the-art equipment they own or the number of sophisticated procedures they perform each year. These are certainly important indicators of expertise, but an inventory of capabilities is not engaging. Articulating an organization’s unique philosophy of care and how that translates into what patients and their families experience, is. By that I don’t simply mean a lot of “we care” statements, that’s expected. Why does your organization care and how does what it cares about make for a unique patient experience?

Online video is an especially valuable tool for allowing audiences to experience your organization. Rather than just reciting a lot of information, you want to create a compelling online experience that emotionally connects viewers to the essence of your organization’s unique value.

I’m Kelli Newman and this has been a “Minute with Messaging.” For information on how your organization can benefit from Newman & Newman strategies, call me directly at 281-589-0750.