Minute with Messaging

The Power of Genuine Emotion

This episode of a “Minute with Messaging” stresses the importance of identifying the genuine emotion in your organization’s story.

In the last episode of a “Minute with Messaging,” we talked about articulating the why of your organization. The why of what you do is where the emotion of your story lives.

Step two of Essence Messagingsm is about capturing and communicating that genuine emotion. It’s essential to motivating audiences. In fact, scientific research has determined that emotions are biologically indispensable to our ability to make decisions. It’s what motivates action and causes us to retain information.

I believe there are three important components to successfully engaging the power of emotion in your messaging.

First, any emotion you draw on must be genuine. Audiences have become weary of forced or obviously manufactured emotional appeals. Emotion is a powerful tool, but it must sincerely convey the impact your organization has on the lives of those it serves.

Next, focus on impact. This may seem obvious, but sometimes organizations rely too heavily on statistics to communicate results. The motivating factor of emotion is in the impact your services have on people’s lives and the needs it fills.

And last, be strategic in deciding who delivers your message. Just as it is important that the emotion of your message be genuine, it must also be delivered by someone who is sincere, passionate and credible.

These three strategies will not only project the genuine emotion in your organization’s story, they are the heart of Essence MessagingSM.

I’m Kelli Newman and this has been a “Minute with Messaging.” For information on how your organization can benefit from Newman & Newman strategies, call me directly at 281-589-0750.