Reclaiming Your Identity as a Purpose-Driven Company

By Kelli Newman, APR

When we say our brand of communication strategies work best for purpose-driven companies, what does that mean?  Don’t all companies have a purpose?  All have a function, yes, but being a purpose-driven company indicates there is a cause at the root of your existence. A principle or commitment that inspired the organization’s formation.

Unfortunately, years of modifying your message in reaction to what the competition is doing can dilute the story of your purpose.   

What cause is at the root of your organization? What problem or issue was your company founded to solve?  Reclaiming your identity as a purpose-driven company requires that the mission motivating its formation be reflected in the culture that both employees and customers experience, as well as the messaging used to market its services.


Solutions-Based vs. Purpose-Driven 

A widgets company may offer solutions to a problem, but unless there is a cause motivating the manufacture of its product, they are not what typically qualifies as purpose-driven. WaterFleet LLC is an example of both a solutions-based and purpose-driven, for-profit company. Their pioneering, mobile technology transforms unhealthy water, often in remote locations such as drilling sites, into safe drinking water critical to a healthy environment and productive workplace.  Their cause is centered on the belief that clean, safe water is a basic human right, even in the most challenging situations; and the company’s culture, employee values and marketing collateral all reflect that.  

In the nonprofit arena, a cause is often at the heart of an organization, but many make the mistake of not clearly articulating the unique solutions they offer. As an example, RaiseUp Families serves parents of school-age children who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads; and are at risk for frequent moves or worse, homelessness. Because repeatedly changing schools impairs a child’s education and social development, the purpose of RaiseUp Families’ case management program is to not only help clients achieve financial stability, it ensures the stability of a child’s learning experience. 

Once known as Westside Homeless Prevention, RaiseUp Families’ seat at the table with other nonprofits addressing homelessness is now more clearly distinguished by their purpose and targeted solutions on ensuring childhood learning.  In fact, Ensuring Childhood Learning is the tagline used in their logo.

Customers are motivated and employees inspired when the mission of an organization’s reason for being is reflected in its culture and messaging. So embrace your cause, and proudly reclaim your identity as a purpose-driven company.

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