It’s cliché to talk about how bombarded we are with information today and the challenges that represents for organizations to not get lost in all the noise.  Fortunately, words have power.

Motivating target audiences to act begins with messaging that captures the unique essence of your organization; its purpose, impact and philosophy. Our Essence Messagingsm benefits purpose-driven corporations, articulating not only what they do but why they do it, and connects donors with a nonprofit’s mission to inspire funding from the difference it makes in the lives it serves.

Newman & Newman’s messaging services include:

  • Identification of target audiences, stakeholders and key influencers
  • Formulation of universally relevant organizational messaging that effectively articulates the organization’s impact, benefits and unique value
  • Formulation of messaging specific to identified external and internal audiences, including strategic partners, employees and other stakeholders
  • Formulation of program-specific messages that project impact and the tangible benefits of an organization’s products and/or services
  • Training of key leadership, including executive staff and board directors, on formulated messaging to ensure continuity

Grant Appeal Messaging

Nonprofit organizations that benefit from our formulation of impactful messaging, and strategies that motivate audiences to act, have the opportunity to extend their relationship through the grant writing process.

Since its founding in 1994, Newman & Newman has provided communication strategies to nonprofit clients in a variety of market segments, including healthcare, community service, and education.   After in-depth research and formulation of messaging that articulates a nonprofit’s unique value, it only makes sense that Newman & Newman’s services include the option of grant appeal strategies as well.

Our organization was at a critical inflection point as we expanded our mission. Newman & Newman provided the refreshed messaging we needed to engage new stakeholders.

Nicole Cassier-Mason, CFRE

VP, Fund Development/Communications
New Hope Housing, Inc.

Newman and Newman has a unique way of insightfully describing what is important to your audience. They listened to our needs, they learned about our services, and they merged the information into messages that are reassuring to customers. Our messaging is now concise, value driven, and formidable. The investment has exceeded my expectations.

Darrell Pile
Chief Executive Officer
SouthEast Texas Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC)

Until we hired Newman & Newman I had not thought of messaging as being a tangible asset. But indeed it is a powerful tool in differentiating you from the competition.

Susan Bolling

Executive Director
RaiseUp Families