Minute with Messaging

Leading With Why

By now, you appreciate how articulating your company’s purpose, its why, is a critical responsibility of messaging. Externally, connecting clients or customers with what drives the solutions your services or products offer not only distinguishes your organization from the competition, it increases understanding and builds loyalty.

Factoring why into communications with your work team has its own rewards. Internal communication is critical to an organization’s success. When employees and other internal partners are provided with the why of a decision or initiative it boosts their confidence in leadership. Confidence from an appreciation that needs are being thought through and the advantage of a solution made clearer. We call it Leading with Why.

This can be a difficult concept for leaders who believe that information is power and to share a decision’s why lessens their authority. In fact, studies have repeatedly documented that CEOs who make internal communications a priority enjoy stronger reputations and greater trust among their employees. But Leading with Why isn’t limited to the CEO. Each level of an organization’s management has a responsibility for obtaining, understanding and communicating organizational messages to help their teams prioritize expectations and understand how shared information is relevant to their work. 

Of course, there are boundaries to this recommendation. It doesn’t mean leading by committee, or for leadership to appear defensive in decision making. But internal communication that incorporates the why of messaging not only achieves buy-in, it has a positive influence on outcomes. We gain direction from understanding, and it enhances our ability to make valuable contributions to reaching a goal.

I’m Kelli Newman and this has been a Minute with Messaging™. For past episodes of a Minute with Messaging, and to learn how your organization can benefit from Newman & Newman’s communication strategies, visit our website at NEWMANandNEWMANinc.com.