Minute with Messaging

Influencing Behaviors and Motivating Action

This episode of a “Minute with Messaging” demonstrates the effect impact-driven messages have on influencing behaviors and motivating action.

Motivating action is at the heart of effective messaging. Whether marketing your services, attracting new donors, championing your cause or recruiting volunteers, it begins with formulating messages that inspire action and influence behavior.

Clearly expressing the impact of your organization has much more influence than a comprehensive list of programs that you offer.  Use impact-driven messages to communicate actual results your programs have achieved and the needs they have answered.

In her new book, “Rising Strong,” Dr. Brené Brown describes how we are wired for story and references studies that show when we hear stories, our brains release chemicals that trigger our ability to connect, empathize and create meaning.

When the impact of your organization is communicated through story, the significance of what you do comes alive and connects audiences with your relevance and value.

Bottom line, motivating action comes from target audiences recognizing that by giving funds, attending an event or supporting a cause, they can participate in how you are making a difference.

I’m Kelli Newman and this has been a “Minute with Messaging.  Visit the Articles page of our website for past issues of a “Minute with Messaging.”  And for information on how your organization can benefit from Newman & Newman strategies, call me directly at 281-589-0750.