Minute with Messaging

Extending Organizational Messaging into Grant Appeals

Organizational messaging that effectively articulates an organization’s purpose, and unique benefits, is not only an essential component of communications planning, it can significantly strengthen appeals for grant funding. This “Minute with Messaging” by Kelli Newman, APR highlights the benefits of extending organizational messaging into the grant writing process.

Formulating messaging that effectively articulates an organization’s purpose, and unique benefits, is an essential component of communications planning. And when that messaging is integrated into grant writing, it can have a profound impact on strengthening appeals. Strategic messaging in grant proposals reveals the “essence” of an organization and clear understanding for what sets it apart.

Consistent messaging in all forms of external communications is important. In a well-connected fundraising market like Houston, where key influencers reviewing grants are affiliated with multiple opportunities, a grant request functions as a valuable marketing tool.

At Newman & Newman, our communication strategists conduct in-depth research  to produce what we describe as Essence Messaging? for our client organizations. The impact-driven messages, infused with genuine emotion, serve as valuable content for our grant specialist who then tailors it into narrative specific to a foundation’s requirements for funding.

Clearly articulating who you are as an organization, the value of your purpose, who you serve, and the significance of your mission, not only motivates funding, it reinforces your organization’s commitment to make a difference in the community.

I’m Kelli Newman and this has been a “Minute with Messaging.” Visit the Articles page of our website for past issues of a “Minute with Messaging.”

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