Minute with Messaging

Experiencing Messages in Person

Messaging strategies that capture the “essence” of your organization are essential to engaging audiences. Creating in-person messaging experiences allows audiences to see first-hand the impact your organization has.
This episode of “Minute with Messaging” highlights the benefits of communicating messages through in-person experiences that motivate donors.

Last time, we talked about distinguishing your organization from competition through the unique experience your services deliver. Let’s take the experience factor of messaging one step further.  What in-person messaging experience can you create for supporters when they visit your organization? It can be particularly effective in motivating donors.

In their book, “The Experience Economy,” Joseph Pine and James Gilmore stress that creating experiences is not so much about entertaining “customers” as it is engaging them. To engage an audience is to motivate action, a prime objective of Essence MessagingSM.

Just think of how powerful it can be when audiences experience firsthand the impact your organization has on the lives it serves. Be strategic in the messages donors, key influencers and potential volunteers experience at your organization. What take-away impressions do you want to make? Whenever possible, take the opportunity to engage all five senses in conveying your messages. The more sensory an experience you can create, the more memorable it will be.

The essence of an organization (its purpose, ideology and culture) is what makes it unique. When you formulate messaging that successfully articulates your organization’s why and the philosophies that shape what it does, incorporates the genuine emotion of its impact and allows supporters to experience how it benefits the clients it serves, you motivate action. Whether that action is to buy your services, champion your cause, volunteer time or make a donation, motivating action is what it is all about.

I’m Kelli Newman and this has been a “Minute with Messaging.” For information on how your organization can benefit from Newman & Newman strategies, call me directly at 281-589-0750.