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Newman & Newman, Inc. was founded to advance the success of its purpose-driven clients and make a difference in the lives of those they serve. We are a Houston-based firm of communication strategists who specialize in formulating messages that articulate your organization’s unique value and produce award-winning tools that connect targeted audiences with your story and impact.
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Motivating target audiences begins with messaging that captures the unique essence of your organization; its purpose, impact and philosophy, while ensuring a united voice.

strategic comm

Strategic Communications Planning

Achieving your organization’s goals for improved visibility, greater use of services, and increased funding, requires a blueprint of comprehensive strategies and the tools necessary for their success.


Tools & Creative Services

Our award-winning tools connect audiences with your organization’s story to motivate action and inspire growth.

exp messaging

Experienced Messagingsm

An important piece of the messaging puzzle, and an opportunity often overlooked, is translating your organization’s key messages into what clients actually experience.

Minute with Messaging

Is Passion A Missing Ingredient In Your Organization?

Lack of passion can impair an organization’s impact and growth. This "Minute with Messaging" by Kelli Newman, APR reviews essential priorities for leadership messaging that inspires passion throughout an organization